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About Us
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bv1946伟德-伟德国际BETVLCTOR & Wood Products Factory is a modern enterprise which combines products, design, development, processing, and marketing. It was founded in August, 2002, had registered capital of 6.5 million. It is located in New Century Avenue Industrial City in Gaoan , Jiangxi Province. A branch had been set up in August, 2004 in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Our factory covers an area about 7000 square meters, equipped with 25 professional production lines, 90 high-quality staff. Day output has achieved 3000 PAIRS/ 400CTN.

We have our own bamboo base in Yichun, Fengxin, Fujian and Guangxi. There are always good quality bamboos.

Our main products are chopsticks, stricks, skewers, toothpicks, champignons, tablemats, spoons, picking tools and charcoals. Remaining materials are used to make holders, mats, floors, furniture and etc. There are different levels of products, also we accept customization.

We have more than 10 years experience in export manufacturing. Our products exported to Brazil, Japan, Russia and areas of United States since 2005.

We not only provide good value products, but also establish a perfect after-sale service system to help and solve problems you have.

We believe that we are able to achieve win-win cooperation with you by our great efforts and perseverance!

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